Tulsa Area Paralegal Association

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The TULSA AREA PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION (TAPA) was formed in June 1982 for the purpose of providing a forum for legal education and professional growth for Tulsa and surrounding area paralegals and in furtherance of the delivery of quality legal services. TAPA is striving to further define its position in the legal community by offering its members education, ethical guidelines, local law-related news, social contact, networking and an opportunity for professional growth.
TAPA is an affiliate of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), which has a present national membership representing all 50 states.  NALA provides continuing education, professional development and certification programs for the career field.
​ TAPA chose to affiliate with NALA recognizing that NALA's goals and purposes were sound and representative of its own aspirations.  Among these goals are:

1. The promotion of the profession of paralegals, education of the public for the advancement and improvement of the profession, and broadening public understanding of the paralegal concept;

2. Cooperation with local, state and national bar associations in setting standards for paralegals;

3. The establishment of a national, voluntary certification program; and

​4. Informing its members through continuing legal education.