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If you would like to be matched up with a mentor, please complete and send this form to TAPA President, Michelle Maxwell. 

Students and new paralegals who may be overwhelmed juggling family, classes, and work will be grateful for the encouragement and wisdom of a seasoned paralegal. You can take your mentee to lunch or return a phone call on your way home after a busy day. Have you ever had a secret pal? Then you know how special a small "just because" gift or an encouraging word can be. The mentorship program does not require a chunk of time or money and the mentor and mentee decide when, where, and how often to meet.

Jeff Myers wrote in his book, Cultivate: Forming the Emerging Generation through Life-on-LifeMentoring, “Mentoring is the cultivation of young adults, the tender caring for and nurturing of them so that they will grow, flourish, and be fruitful.” While most of your mentee's questions will likely be about law, there will be other opportunities to invest in a someone's life. Please help us cultivate the next generation. We get to choose how we spend our time in our busy and harried lives. Investing in a life is one of the few things that will truly last through time.

TAPA is excited to introduce a new pilot program. Mentorship has occurred on an informal level in TAPA for many years. In a myriad of ways, men and women who have pioneered in the Paralegal profession, have given back to those fledglings in the field. In 2015, TAPA would like to attempt a more “formal” mentorship program. 

The time spent in TAPA's mentorship program will be molded by you and your mentee to fit YOUR schedules. The term “formal” indicates an attempt to match up mentors and mentees and their interests, both on a personal and professional level. Giving back is something we have all experienced as others invest in our lives. Begin where you are and incorporate a mentoring mindset into your existing lifestyle.

Mentoring Program